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Customizable Backgammon Board

Customizable Backgammon Board

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This traditional backgammon board canvas is 22” wide x 20” tall on 18 mesh. The canvas can be shipped as is, or you can request to have me paint details of your choosing on the canvas. The design would be somewhat restricted by the size and the nature of painting on canvas, but if you can imagine it, I can probably paint it. Obvious choices might include a monogram, a logo from your favorite sports team, or a geometric pattern. Would you like me to add a scene from your favorite vacation spot? No problem! Your mother’s favorite flower? OK! Your spouse or partner’s favorite breed of dog? Sure! The sky is the limit (almost). If one of these canvases is purchased, I will reach out to you via email and we can set up a time to talk about design. In addition to the price of the canvas, there is fee for the custom painting, and there is a lead time of several weeks (or more) for completion of the painting. The price of this item is for the canvas only, and this item is available to retail customers only.

If you are interested in discussing the details of a design idea before you purchase, would like threads to go with this, or if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

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